Buenos Aires Subway Simulator

Buenos Aires Subway

The system allows to recreate operational and driving exercises for all underground rolling stock: CAF6000, Alstom Metropolis, CNR, among others.

With this simulator, drivers can be trained not only in the handling of transport but also in the resolution of faults of different types: brakes, door opening, speed control, communications, electrical and mechanical failures in general.

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Exercises of driving procedures and regulations

From the instruction, the teacher-trainer has different types of exercises based on driving procedures and regulations.

The system models the physical behavior of the formations and the movements of a multitude of people. In addition, it realistically represents several kilometers of tunnels and tracks, building the geometry of more than a hundred stations.


Simulator training

Simulator training allows you to achieve higher levels of safety when handling real trains.

Using a simulator as a training tool does not put the driver and rolling stock at risk.

Technological innovation

• Simulates the operation of driving all rolling stock.
• Modeling of the physical behavior of the formations.
• Modeling the displacement of crowds of people.
• Simulates the presence of faults and resolution procedures.
• Covers all possible problems: mechanical and electrical.
• Realistic geometric representation of tunnels, tracks and stations

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