RUBIKA: General purpose virtual environment

(Computer Assisted Virtual Environment)

CAVE - Computer Assisted Virtual Environment

RUBIKA is an immersive virtual reality environment consisting of a cube-shaped room on whose walls and floor computer-generated images are projected.

These images are virtual reality applications that, due to their characteristics, allow total immersion (360°) recreating different types of situations. This environment allows training, improvement and simulations to be carried out for decision-making and emergency management. It also has industrial use such as the design and validation of parts and mechanisms.

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RUBIKA in National Universities

This project consists of the installation of CAVE’s in different universities in the country for which virtual reality applications were developed aimed at training future professionals in the oil and gas industry. To do this, wells were surveyed in Vaca Muerta, Neuquén, and applications were developed that allow simulating the extraction of a well using a drilling machine.


Colavorative Work

Unlike virtual reality glasses that are used individually, the CAVE environment allows you to work with several users simultaneously in a collaborative way.

As a training technology, it allows guaranteeing greater safety for people, avoiding the risks that real scenarios or critical situations can bring. In industrial processes, simulating situations, systems or prototypes, allows generating better results with fewer resources.

Technological innovation

• Multipurpose virtual environment.
• 360 degree immersive structure.
• Projection on floor and walls.
• Distributed rendering system.
• Collaborative structure.
• Various virtual reality applications.
• Scientific use, industrial design, architecture, tourism, job training, education and culture, health, among others.
• Carrying out virtual tours.

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