SIMEx: Hydraulic Excavator Simulator

SIMEx: Hydraulic Excavator Simulator

The objective of this system is to train and improve the knowledge of hydraulic excavator machine operators.

The simulator is made up of real controls, a visual of different scenarios, and an instructor position for the teacher who carries out the training through various exercises.

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Training plan

The training plan consists of 15 exercises ranging from machine recognition and controls to arm and blade manipulation in soil removal tasks. Each exercise has different levels of difficulty.


Optimize resources

Exercising with this simulator optimizes the resources used for training staff, avoiding the transfer of the original machinery to the training site and the cost of putting the excavator into operation.

Higher levels of safety are achieved for the environment, for the student and those who are close to the machine.

Technological innovation

• It enables the user to be trained and perfected in the operation of a hydraulic excavator.
• Training of professional skills.
• Three positions installed in a mobile classroom that travels the country.
• It is based on real controls: pedals, levers, seats.
• Surround visual with three vertical TVs.
• Applications in civil construction, mining, roads.
• Equipment recognition exercises, arm, and shovel manipulation.
• Fifteen exercises with different levels of difficulty.
• Performance report.
• Digital file, traceability of the training process.

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