Ship maneuver simulator MELIPAL

MELIPAL simulator

The Melipal simulator was developed in 2001 jointly between the INVAP company and the PLADEMA Institute of the National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Originally it was conceived as a maritime radar simulator. In 2005 it was ceded to the Argentine Navy and in the period between 2008-2010 it was adapted so that it fulfills the functions of a ship maneuver simulator. As such, it contemplates the viewing from the bridge of MEKO 140 and 360 boats of the Argentine Armed Forces. The training allows operators to be trained through the use of moorings and anchors for operations in the open sea and port area, using not only control modules and instruments, but also a synthetically generated visual by graphic computing and three-dimensional visualization.

The system includes the simulation of weather effects and phases of the day, as well as the lights of boats (stop light, range light, trailer light, etc.) with the indicated characteristics (color, size, position, etc.) by the international regulation RIPA.

It is currently in operation at the School of Naval Techniques and Tactics (ESTT) at the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base, Argentina.


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