Shooting Practice

Shooting Practice

The system consists of a simulator that allows the student to be trained in the use of firearms and marksmanship practice at the firing range.

A tailor-made development was carried out that took into account the ballistics model according to the weapon used: ammunition size, target shooting distance, rate of fire, gravity, and wind on the projectile. In this way, the physical simulation of the bullet’s trajectory in space is realistic and accurate. The firing range training application is a replica of a real firing range.

Benefits and Features


Exercises that include static or moving targets

The simulator allows defining different exercises that include static or mobile targets to make it challenging for the student.

At the end of the training, the instructor has available a detailed report of the student’s performance that includes the number of shots fired, hits and misses and response time. With this data, the trainer can track learning and see the student’s evolution throughout the training process.


Training and improvement

Learning with a simulator is safe and eliminates the risk of accidents. Likewise, resources are optimized since if you learn with a real weapon there is a very high expense for the replacement of ammunition. With a simulator, this expense is eliminated and the exercises can be repeated as many times as the student needs to shoot with precision.

Technological innovation

• Training for handling firearms.
• Different practices.
• Models ammo size, rate of fire, and gravity.
• Three-dimensional trajectory in the space of the projectile.
• Static or moving targets.
• Different lighting.
• Significant cost improvement: 400 virtual shots equal 1 real.

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