SIPER Periscope Simulator

Periscope Simulator

SIPER 3 is the Next-Gen technology update for the “SIPER” periscope simulator, developed by the PLADEMA Institute in 2003.

The system is made up of a real periscope to which a pair of “virtual reality glasses” were incorporated to replace conventional optics. The different movements and controls available in the periscope are converted into digital signals and entered into the computer, which generates, in real time, a three-dimensional model of the stage to be displayed on the lenses.

The project included the modeling of sea states, the simulation of the optical effects of periscope lenses, and the visualization of ships and boats.

The Submarine and Diving School (based in Mar del Plata) and the Operational Analysis, Weapons and Electronic Warfare Service (SIAG) participated in this project.


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